As a songwriter, her lyrics are at once prosaic and deeply poetic in their simple truth. Her lyrical subtext is reflective of diverse story - masters like Marvin Gaye, Phoebe Snow or Sun Ra. Her songs are a shrine for Ancestral remains, sculpted around gently simmering jazz and blues ideals; instruments and voicings arranged to evoke a visceral response to a song, whether it be an original song or her expression of a classic Jazz standard. And she stays firmly rooted in NOW...
This is a Prayer.
For the World.
I wish everyone Health.
It is Wealth. 
May Love Prevail N.O.W.
"One of the highlights on this musical journey has been re-working/recording a song I wrote with Zamzam Ausar previously. It was with Build An Ark; an orchestral ensemble in Los Angeles I have had the honor of performing with for some time. The arrangement, by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is wispy, ethereal. Many of the players on this song - indeed the whole Love Part 1 project - are some of the best musicians in the world. I have been able to travel the would singing this song."
Sunflowers in my Garden.
The original song can be heard in the Official Video!
Sunflowers in My GardenWaberi Jordan w/Build An Ark
00:00 / 05:06


John ColtraneDwight Trible feat. Waberi Jordan
00:00 / 09:17
Dwight Trible Living Water.jpg
U Know How I Feel/Feelin-Good RemixWaberi Jordan Remixed by DJ A-Ski
00:00 / 06:12



The Fountain, Savannah, Ga
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Grand Performances, LA, Ca
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The Alexandria Hotel Lobby, DTLA
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The Mezz, DTLA
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Fire Escape, DTLA
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En Garde
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Making Sunflowers Video Shoot
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Looking/Seeing, LA, Ca
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Savannah Vibes
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Background Photo by Kraig Blue