Nation of Waberia 

So we're going to do this again on the Porch. Serenade the people bc we have to keep doing.
Join me and @kesselarts and @ronaldperoconcoco and @quinn_kessel and the birds and the people...
Sunday, August 30, 2020. 630pm eastern standard time.
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Photo By Prentice Sinclair Smith
LLL Masauko.jpg
Recently, I had the incredible honor of joining Shena Verrett on her weekly webisode Who's Who and What's What - in conversation with music artist/activist Masauko! It so happens that while we are from different parts of the globe, our paths indeed have crossed in the Jazz Mecca of Leimert Park. We talk about that and how we hadn't met but knew the same people at the same time.. and much more! You can watch it by hitting the button below.


Waberi Jordan @ The Buttonwood Tree - 2.14.20


Wow. Who would have thought that we'd be here...​

I am so very happy to share the music with you in this new decade!

Let us celebrate All Things LOVE:

Join me on Valentine's Day - Friday, February 14, 2020 at The Buttonwood Tree! Playing with me will be Scott Kessel on Drums and Nat Holmes on Bass.

Starting off this night is my very special guest and the/my other half of Twoontour - Shena Verrett!

And as always, there are surprises in store!

It's a new Dawn, and a New Day and its also My Solar Return so expect a party to ensue. 8:00pm - 10:00pm - $15.00 at the door. I recommend making a reservation and/or getting there early...

Champagne, perhaps?

Love? Certainly!

Look Ma... I'm On The Pole!  09.12.2019

The Downtown Business District created a project called Meet Your Main Street  and they installed way-finding signs in the downtown area. It's a sign that wraps around the streetlight pole. One side is decorative, one side is a map of Main Street, and the third side is a photo essay about someone in the downtown business community.

There were 25 people chosen for this project. One of those people is MEEE! 

It was fun to take part in this project and a nice surprise as well. 

Click the picture for more details!


Background Photo by Skryb Anu