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Two seemingly disparate music artists, not often put together in a performance setting, bringing their contrasting approach to song-craft to the forefront and expanding the notion of what Black Music looks and sounds like AND how Black Women amplify its genius. 
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"The IDEA of Two On Tour came about in an organic manner, beginning in 2008 when Shena and I first met in. It was my first festival in New York. and this would be my first time seeing her play music and really getting an idea of what SHE was about as an artist. I was completely blown away. Her lyricism, accompanied with her bad-ass stage persona; black girl magic personified. I had not focused on playing guitar for a long while, focused mainly on singing and I saw, while watching her, that I could actually sing my songs and play my guitar! So I was inspired to do something I thought I could not do. And her WORD-SMITHING was impeccable. I wanted to sing what she was writing but I was kind of timid to ask. Turns out the feeling was mutual. Then and there, we decided that we would play and sing together."



"Two on Tour came about because of our mutual desire to play music. As a songwriter, I was inspired and encouraged by Waberi’s voice, lyrics, and songs we would come to collaborate on. Two on Tour has revolutionized the way I think about and approach my craft both creatively and as a business model. It is such a pure space to be in performing solo/together, but even more so to be able to perform together (as Black Mariahs) and bring our unique perspectives to the independent music community." 
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