Two seemingly disparate music artists, whom one may not put together in a performance setting, bringing their contrasting approach to song-craft to the forefront and breaking the myth of what Black Music looks and sounds like AND how Black Women amplify its genius. 
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"The IDEA of Two On Tour came about in an organic and cosmic manner, beginning in 2008 when Shena and I first met. It was my first festival out of my  home town of Los Angeles, and although I had met Shena a few months before in LA, this would be my first time seeing her play music and really getting an idea of what SHE was about as an artist. I was completely blown away. Her lyricism, accompanied with her bad-ass stage persona; black girl magic personified. I had not focused on playing guitar for a long while, only relying on vocalizing and I saw, while watching her, that I could actually sing my songs and play my guitar! So I was inspired to do something I thought I could not do. And her WORD-SMITHING was impeccable. I wanted her to write for me and I was kinda embarrassed to ask. I think the feeling was mutual., Then and there, in 2008, we decided that somehow we would play and sing together."

Background Photo by John Alexander

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